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About The Brands...

Teryl and I started Free2Thrive in November of 2015 to create a venue for people to help support our heartfelt leading to take this ministry of helping people who believe in and want deeper healing, recovery and restoration around the world.  We in the North American churches have access to amazing resources for emotional healing -Christian Counselors, Recovery Programs and workshops - that can be life changing…almost like a second conversion.  

We want to bring an integration of these resources to people in those parts of the world where access to counseling and healing is not as available but every bit as needed.  As a couple we have a synergistic combination of over 30 years of marriage, Steve’s 25,000 hours of clinical experience and our own practical common sense tools that have worked for us and countless others.

“...letting God in is where healing begins and we experience our true freedom in Christ.

Jesus intended for all of his followers to live an “abundant life” or “life to the full” (John 10:10). God has a glory that he longs for each of us to aspire to, that is possible to attain, the glory of our authentic, healed and restored self.  Many disciples experience one level of freedom in Christ, but after the initial excitement of baptism and sometimes after years of growing in our relationship with God, the challenges that life brings – financial stress, loss of a loved one, job changes, moving, marital struggles, conflicts in relationships, etc., invariably come at us and we can retreat to old, familiar behaviors to find relief from the anger, sadness, disappointment and discouragement that these challenges can cause us to feel.  

Getting to the roots of these behaviors, and letting God in is where healing begins and we experience true freedom in Christ. And the reality is that many disciples of Jesus need to be set FREE in order to Thrive.

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